Call to Arms for All Bloggers Product Launch Upcoming

I have a product launch coming up, and would love as much New Media help as I can get.

We will be doing a lot of traditional PR, but I feel like this would be a wikid opportunity for the Caribbean new media scene to support one of their own.

To let me know you are interested, email me at [email protected].

In terms of help, I would love at least 1 article from anyone that runs a blog - with a link to the product page when it launches.

I can get you content or an angle to write up, customized for your audience (if you know what your audience is).

The first easy step you can do for me is to retweet this tweet.

Not only do I need your actual blogging help, but if you can pass along this message to anyone else you know that has a blog, tweets, IGs, anything to do with New/Social Media.

We will have lots of stuff to retweet, post on IG, content for blogs of all types, the whole nine yards. So if you have a blog, a twitter account, an IG account, FB or any other type of “Social Media” account and are interested in helping with the launch, please get in touch at [email protected].

I am trying to pull off a Tim Ferris - 4 Hour Workweek Book launch - where there was so much groundswell from new media that traditional media couldn’t ignore him.

Look forward to any (and all assistance) I can get from you guys.

P.S. This will be a digital fitness product that anyone with a credit card from anywhere can buy - we are going after the “New Years Resolutions” storyline and “losing weight in the New Year”, etc.