Tab Debt

The act of accumulating a number (say ‘n’) of unread/unprocessed tabs left open in a browser window such that the next day rather than starting with 0 tabs open, you start with n.

Also can be summed up as: X = X + Y, 

where X = the number of tabs open at the beginning of the day, 
and Y = the number of tabs opened throughout the day.

This has become a major problem, so much so that when my browser crashes and I am forced to start over, I actually breathe a sigh of relief as I start from a fresh canvas.

Every single day I start the day with both my browsers looking like these two images:

Tab-set-1 Tab-set-2

So many tabs that I can’t even see the name. It’s not long before I I can’t even see the favicons.

Btw, these are tabs left open after I have sent those that I can send to my Kindle and closed those.

This is almost as bad as having an unwieldy inbox. But what is the solution to this?

I would love some help with this problem, because it is becoming more ridiculous by the day.


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