An Apology to Ohanian (Reddit Co-founder)

In a prior post I came out in swinging defense of what I thought was Kevin’s courageous attempt to save Digg and Alexis’s misguided criticisms.

As it turns out, Digg V4 has decided to focus on ‘large publishers’ (like Alexis had thought they would) rather than ‘small publishers’ (whichh I thought they were).

So, given that I quickly (and loudly) appealed to Alexis to be cautious with his critique, I feel it is appropriate to (just as loudly) apologize and admit that I was wrong, and am now disappointed in Digg and Kevin.

I stand corrected Alexis, you were right.

Please note that I am not apologizing just because the community revolted – communities always revolt when change happens, but they often get used to it – but I am acknowledging that Alexis correctly saw what the true changes at Digg were, as I did not.