Afghanistan in April 2010 in Photos

Boston Big Picture has the best photo journal I have ever come across. It is one of the many reasons I love the internet, technology and photography. At no other time in history, could I sit 5,000 miles away from a place and see such rich representations in such a timely manner – almost instantly nowadays.

They recently published, essentially, the state of Afghanistan in April 2010 in Pictures. Below you will find some of my favorites.


Afghan-5 Afghan-4 Afghan-3 Afghan-2 Afghan-6

Have I mentioned how much I love Boston Big Picture? The truth is, I saw the name of their latest article and didn’t even see the pictures, but I knew I had to write a post about it. They are always that awesome, that I never pre-screened it and picked the images as I went along. I had to restrain myself from including more from the post, because there are so many awesome ones.

Do yourself a favor, go and check it out, you will thank me later.