Einstein's Productivity Is a Model for All Entrepreneuers

The next time you think “I will start {X} another time. I have too much going on now….” consider this.

During the period when Albert Einstein wrote his 4 papers that revolutionized physics (including “The General Theory of Relativity”), he had a few things going in his life….including but not limited to:
  • A full-time job in a patent office in Bern, Switzerland where he worked 6 days - 8 hours a day (yes 6 days).
  • A relatively new wife (who most of his family hated/despised, at least initially)
  • They had a daughter, but there is no record of what happened with the daughter (insinuating that maybe his wife lost the baby or they gave her up for adoption - though there is no evidence to suggest as much). Either way, this must have been taxing emotionally.
  • They then had a son - Hans Albert Einstein
  • Einstein played in a string quartet once a week.
  • He had no access to a library to read other publications (because the library was usually closed when he wasn’t at work).
  • Oh…and he had no computer & no Google =)
Even despite these obstacles, he wrote 4 papers that fundamentally transformed physics and subsequently engineering.

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