UI Tip for Jamaican Banks

As a consumer of services offered by both of Jamaica’s largest banks, it pains me to deal with the little things that the banks take for granted.

For instance, look at how they quote the currency exchange rates.



Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica (BNS JA)


This always confuses me. What do these rates mean? Who is doing the buying and selling?

A simple tip, that will get rid of ambiguity adding the word “You”, or “We”. So it reads “You Buy (Cash)”, “You Buy (CHQ)”, “You Sell”.

You (the bankers) have to remember that you guys are the experts. You guys get these quotes in real-time and update them many times throughout the day. To you, it is abundantly clear what these rates mean.

To ‘John Public’, that does an FX transaction once a month or once a few weeks or once a few months, we don’t have time to memorize how you are portraying this. Every time I come to one of these charts I say to myself “Which vantage point are they giving me this information from again? Is it mine, or theirs?”. Then I remember that it is yours, and that just seems selfish.

At the end of the day, it’s not about you…it’s about your customer.

Who cares what you buy and sell FX for? What we (your customers) care about is how much WE will pay, and how much WE will get if we sell to you. 

You are welcome :)

Marc Gayle